We hope everyone has had the chance to review the preview of the Halloween Celebration that we have in store beginning October 31st! As you may already know from the in-game notice, we have one additional treat for everyone!

Version 2.8 will be coming early next week! Take a look at what we’ve prepared for our next major update!

Enjoy the Festival with Your Union!

To celebrate a plentiful harvest this year, all Unions decided to hold a Festival! At the Festival, you can walk around and cook food with your Union members to receive great rewards! You can even meet some of our old friends: Balducci, Kuscu, and the Fortuneteller who have some surprises in store for you! But be warned, there are some Byzantine rebels hiding in the dark, plotting to sabotage the festivities!You must find out where they are and expel them from your empire. Defeat these rebels and gain rewards for your efforts! Stay tuned for a more detailed post in late November and a launch window for it!

It’s finally here: Coalition War!

We’re thrilled to reveal that the Coalition War system will be introduced in version 2.8 in the coming weeks. Your Coalition is having territorial disputes with two other Coalitions. The time has come to fight for the glory of your Coalition and win prizes! Occupy as many Strongholds as you can to become the strongest Coalition!

The winning Coalition will receive great rewards, and the winning Coalition’s Leader and the winner of the Merit Ranking will receive special titles and clothing! Please note that Coalition War won’t be available immediately when version 2.8 launches. We will have a more detailed post that provides additional in-depth information regarding this long awaited system later!

Overhauled Backpack System!

We have noticed that players can’t quickly locate the items they want as more and more items are being stored. To help with this, we are optimizing the Backpack system by sorting items into 3 tabs and assigning a color to indicate the rarity of each. We hope you like the new Backpack!

New Skins and Skin Skills!

We designed new Skins for the most popular Viziers — The Outstanding Four! Unlike the old Skins, these four new Skins not only offer Viziers additional Book XP and Skill XP during Academy study, they also have special Skin Skills that increase their attributes and unlock new Talent Skills. You don’t want to miss them! Stay tuned for the reveal of these Skins in the next coming weeks!

Videos and Rewards!

In addition to the above, we are also optimizing the Video System in version 2.8! You’ll now receive Diamonds and be able to receive one random reward after watching videos.

We will also be incorporating videos into some mini-games where you will be able to obtain more Stamina by watching a video!

When will Version 2.8 be available?

For now, everything is on track. The new version will be here in no time! We hope you’ll enjoy everything that we’ve prepared! Version 2.8 will be released to all players early next week and we’re looking forward to reading your feedback once you’ve had a chance to download it!

If you enjoy the new update, don’t forget to show us some love with a review!
Download the game now on Google Play or in the App Store.

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