The Empire had a bumper harvest this year! All Unions have decided to hold a Thanksgiving Festival to celebrate it. At the Festival, everyone can cook food with Union Members and receive gifts and great rewards! However, you have received reports that the remnants of the Byzantine Empire are plotting to sabotage the Festival. Defeat them with force and wisdom to keep the Festival-goers safe and win their respect!

This post is a preview of the event as it has not been officially launched to all servers at this time and is undergoing testing on a few select servers for stability and quality. Content shared below is subject to change during the official release (typically rewards change somewhat).

The Event

Thanksgiving Festival is a game board styled event. Unions will work together to boost certain buildings to get better rewards and help each other defeat opponents to win rewards.

Each player will have a chibi character (default Piyale) who will be their “piece” on the game board. Players roll a dice (1 stamina) to move around the board. You can opt to use a Golden Die after rolling the standard die to choose how many squares you want to move if you want to land on a certain tile. Golden Die were obtained from time-limited event and purchase rewards during initial testing.

Players will earn Vouchers (gray coupons) for score points used to determine your rank on the ranking board and Credits (tan coupons) for use in the item store to purchase prizes as they travel around the board.

Tile Types

There are multiple types of tiles on the game board. There are three types of enemies, two chest types, five fields, a swamp, random bonus card, festival fireworks, and a puzzle square.


There are three enemies you can encounter on the map: Common with 100 HP, Elite with 300 HP, and Epic with 500 HP. Each player can deal 100 damage to an opponent. To deal additional damage you can spend 2 stamina points. Therefore an Elite opponent would take 4 stamina to defeat and an Epic opponent would take 8 stamina to defeat. Alternatively players can put the enemy into the help zone, similar to the danger zone in the pirates mini game. There union members can attack the opponent to get 100 vouchers and 100 credits and defeat the opponent for you. (normal finder bounty will be sent to the poster after the opponent is defeated). Similar again to pirates, there is a 2 hour cooldown to attack the same opponent more than once.


Unions have 5 total field squares. Every player collects vouchers, ranking tokens and food items when passing the square. Landing on the square will help contribute to upgrading it (max level of 4). When a set amount of food items has been collected festival foods can be created and the prizes are available to everyone in the union. If there is food ready to be claimed at a location, there will be a little food bubble above the building.


There are two chests available: Golden and silver. Players who land on these squares can open the chests for 3 potential rewards. If you have the Fully Loaded buff from the Lucky Cards tile you can collect all the rewards in the chest. Chests do not require any items to unlock them.

Specialty Tiles

There are three types of specialty tiles: Lucky Cards, Festival Fireworks and Kuscu’s Code. Lucky Cards will give you one of 3 random buffs or an extra 2 stamina. Festival fireworks is a optional purchase of a few items with diamonds or a $10 purchase that sends a gift to your entire union (You can only purchase one of the two options per time you land on the tile). On Kuscu’s code you will be given hints about a puzzle that Kuscu is trying to solve. While you don’t need to do anything to solve the puzzle at this time, landing on Kuscu again will give further information about the code along with a handful of prizes. I was unable to land on Kuscu enough times to see what the final results of the puzzle solving would bring.

Bonuses and Setbacks

Watch out for the swamp tile! This tile will prevent you from rolling the die for 30 minutes. You can use 2 stamina to escape or ask your union members for help. (As long as you aren’t at full stamina it is best to wait and ask for help).

There are also two Lucky Lanes on the game board. To enter the lucky lane you must land exactly on the start square indicated by the archway. When you enter the Lucky Lane you can send an invitation to one union member to join you allowing them to also claim a prize. You can claim multiple prizes in the lucky lane if you roll small enough numbers with the dice.

Stamina gain

Game of Sultans has premiered their new stamina gain option in the Thanksgiving Festival. Players can opt to watch up to 5 videos each day for an additional 5 stamina items. Alternatively you can skip one video by paying 100 diamonds to collect the energy item instantly. Players can still purchase their 5 stamina items daily with 100 diamonds as well for a total of 10 stamina items. In testing this event was paired with Empire Power rush and included stamina items in Increase empire power, use badges, and use vitality orbs. The official rush pairing for this event has not been released at this time.



Video taken from soft launch. There may be some differences in the actual release.


Images and footage of this event were taken from a soft launch done on only a select or select few servers to test the stability and functionality of the event. Rewards, functions, and content are all subject to change when the event is officially released. Please follow Game of Sultans on their official pages on Facebook or Discord for official news regarding this event.

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