Greetings Sultan(a)s,
To celebrate the upcoming Christmas festivities, we’ve prepared a (Santa’s) sackful of Christmas related activities and jolly rewards for you!

In addition, we’ve also upgraded and optimized some of our existing systems to bring you a better gaming experience. Let’s take a look at what’s in store in Version 2.9!

Ice Crush – Pick Gifts for your Companions!

As Christmas approaches, crowds of people are gathering in the markets next to Empire Square to join the Ice Crush event at the Gift Shops. In Ice Crush, you can collect gifts for your Companions by matching more than 3 gifts of the same kind. The gifts you earn can be sent to your Companions to increase their Charm. Of course, they will give you some gifts in return.

Price Slash – Get free packs!

In addition to the above minigames, we also prepared some FREE packs for you! During the Price Slash, you can claim free packs by reducing the prices on them down to 0 with coupons. Coupons can be obtained by completing 4 kinds of quests. Get ready to reduce pack prices when Price Slash becomes available early next week!

Christmas Tree – Win Supreme Rewards!

To welcome Christmas, everyone will be able to decorate their Christmas Tree with Ornaments! Legend says that the more magnificent the Christmas Tree, the more gifts and blessings people will recieve!

During the Christmas Tree event, you can decorate Christmas Trees with ribbons, stars, bows, lights, and baubles to receive Glow Points. Glow Points can be used to advance your Tier to receive great Tier rewards! What’s more, the player with the highest Tier (who is also the only person who reached that Tier) will receive Supreme Rewards, an exquisite Ranking Frame, and even the raiment of the Paramount Ruler!

Christmas Pack – New Dresses!

We also prepared a limited pack for you and your Companions! The Christmas Pack contains rare items and the limited 2020 edition Companion Skins! You don’t want to miss out on the chance of getting these gorgeous items at such a super low price!

The new skin not only adds to the Companion’s charisma, but also grants them Companion XP when you visit them in the Harem! This special Christmas Pack will be available later next week, stay tuned!

Handle All and Union Voyages!

To save you time when dealing with Affairs in the Imperial Parliament, we are introducing a new function which unlocks at VIP 1 – Handle All. After turning on the Handle All button, all your remaining Affairs will be automatically processed according to the choice you made in your first Affair. We believe this button will save you a lot of time and trouble!

As well as the new minigames, we are also optimizing an old system for you – the Union Voyage is ready to set sail once more! In version 2.9, we have revamped voyages so that more members can join and receive rewards! Now, all players in the union can join a voyage even if the power limit has been met for rewards!

New Year, New theme!

To welcome in the new year, we designed a new theme – New Year’s Eve! The theme’s sky lanterns and dazzling lights really add to the festive atmosphere. Can you feel the excitement in the air? What’s more, the New Year theme will be free to equip for a limited time starting early next week, stay tuned!

Don’t forget to turn on the sound effects, because the New Year’s Eve theme is paired with new background music! We hope you love it as much as we do! Lastly we adjusted both the loading icon and the background to spread the festive cheer! Enjoy!

So when will this update drop?

It’s been a wild week for the Game of Sultans team, but everything is going smoothly on our end! We are aiming for this Friday to patch all the content above, as well as additional optimizations. But please note that not all of the above revealed content will be available at launch! Merry Christmas and we hope all of you have a safe and warm holiday with your family!

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