Defend your Coalition while taking over other Coalition’s territory in this 3 way coalition fight!


Coalition Wars are a monthly fight lasting 2 hours. Three coalitions of somewhat similar power are paired against each other to dominate the war map to earn merit to secure their place as victor. Coalition war debuted on December 5, 2020. There is no way to opt out of participating in the war without disbanding or leaving your coalition.

The war Map

The Coalition War map consists of three territories, Forest, Snowy and Mountain. Coalitions will be randomly assigned to one of the three sections at the start of registration. All territories have the same layout with Fortress A touching each of the three territories and each territory sharing one border with another territory along fortress B and D. Each territory consists of 6 Fortresses, the Granary, CoC and Camp.

The Camp represents your coalition stronghold. If your Camp is taken over the Coalition will immediately be eliminated from the war and no longer able to attack. Any territory that the defeated coalition held will be turned into borderlands, empty lots that can be seized by the remaining coalitions.

The CoC and Granary are two special buildings with unique functions. The CoC is located directly in front of your camp and allows you to receive resources and intelligence used to provide buffs for the Coalition. The Granary is located in front of the CoC and increases damage dealt by the defending viziers by 15% to the surrounding Fortresses. While the name Granary is a nod to the grain donations of union war and WOS, there is no actual grain donation involved in Coalition Wars.

Fortresses are the main line of defense to prevent enemy coalitions from reaching your camp. Camps that reach a certain amount of viziers will trigger a 20% defensive buff reducing incoming damage.

Please note that the above numbers are not indicative of Fortress size for every server. There was several screenshots shared by the community that confirms that limits are based on coalition matchup and will vary from war to war based on the strength of the participating coalitions.


Fortresses main line of defense is your coalitions deployed viziers. Fortresses also have their own HP bar which indicate how much damage needs to be dealt before they are destroyed and conquered. Fortresses have four defensive states based on the number of viziers deployed to the fortress: Unguarded, Defenseless, Guarded, and Indestructible. The lower the status the higher chance the fortress has of being hit instead of a defending vizier.

If a fortress is designated borderland territory due to the destruction of a coalition camp the damage will all be dealt to the fortress itself. All attacks, regardless of if they hit the fortress or a vizier, take 2 energy. When a set amount of viziers is deployed to the Fortress the defending viziers will receive a 20% defensive buff reducing incoming damage. The amount of viziers needed to be deployed is confirmed to vary from server to server but ranged approximately between 200-300 viziers. Some noted that the number displayed may not be accurate and instead dependant on total vizier strength, but there was not significant enough testing to prove this hypothesis.

Defending a Fortress

To deploy viziers to a Fortress, click on the fortress and then click on the field in front of the building in the center of the screen outlined in green. You will be given a screen with three tabs. Under Available, all viziers that have not been deployed to another fortress or used to fight will be displayed here. Viziers can move around for free before war starts, but once war begins moving viziers will cost stamina.

The healing tab will show viziers that have fought but are not ready to deploy again yet, while Already Fought shows your viziers who are deployed to a Fortress already or are selected to fight instead. You can send all, one or none of your viziers to a Fortress.

If your vizier is defeated while defending they will need to heal (found in the Healing Tab) before they can return to battle. Healing is automatic and will start as soon as the vizier is defeated. The more times a vizier is defeated the longer it will take them to heal. Alternatively players can use stamina to instantly heal viziers. Healed viziers must be reassigned to a Fortress, they will not return to their previous location automatically!

Inside each Fortress (along with the CoC, Granary and Castle) there is a Combat skill button that opens the Store where players can purchase defensive buffs with diamonds. There are three available buffs: Burning Shield which increases your defending viziers damage, Channeled Vigor which heals up to 50% of your defending viziers HP and Shield Protection which reduces damage received. These buffs should apply to all your viziers within the stronghold when purchased.


While the Granary acts like a Fortresses for defense, it also helps play a key roll in your Coalition’s defense. Located in front of the CoC, the Granary increases damage dealt by the defending viziers by 15% to the surrounding locations: Fortresses C, E, F and the CoC. While the name Granary is a nod to the grain donations of union war and WOS, there is no actual grain donation involved in Coalition Wars. Instead this building provides a passive buff along as you own it. While you don’t need to have viziers in the Granary to gain the buff, it is good to defend it to maintain the 15% bonus for your other fortresses. It is also important to remember that the Granary has lower health then the Fortresses so having viziers deployed is important should you need to defend the Granary. You will not gain a damage bonus if you capture an opponents Granary!

Chamber of Commerce [Coc]

The CoC allows you to meet with merchants and tourists which will give you Intelligence and Resources. These are used by the coalition leader and coalition war deputy to provide buffs and bonuses during the war. These buffs affect all players in the coalition.

When talking with a NPC in the CoC your goal is to hit the talk button on the bottom middle when the blue and red bars are as close to full as possible. Talking to an NPC does cost stamina! The higher each bar is, the more bond points you will earn. Bond points are displayed on the right side in a heart. Once your bond points are maxed you will receive the resources or intelligence from the NPC. Total bond points will vary from NPC to NPC, but the higher their limit is, the more resources/intelligence you will gain. In the example below the Portuguese Tourist had 553 bond and gave 918 intelligence. In comparison the Wallachian Merchant had 3464 bond and gave 4927 intelligence.

Players can also buy two different buffs in the CoC. Sparkling Wine will let players double the bond received from talking to an NPC for 5 minutes which will reduce the amount of stamina spent talking to an NPC. Invitation will give you a higher chance to meet NPC’s with higher bond points for the next 10 searches.

Keep in mind if your CoC is taken by the enemy, you will no longer be able to collect resources or intelligence!

Commander Skills

Coalition leaders can appoint two commander during war prep time. Once war begins the commanders cannot be changed, but if there is empty spots during the war a commander can still be appointed, but the decision is final. During the war the Coalition leader and Commander can use Intelligence and Resources gained from the CoC to use 7 different effects (blue and gold skills).

They also have access to Battle Flags which mark a location on the map with a flag. The flags can be placed on enemy locations to indicate where to attack or on your own fortresses to show where to defend. It costs nothing to place or remove flags, but only 3 flags can be placed at a time total.

Perfect Supply can offer all coalition members 50 stamina, but it is very high in cost making it unlikely to make an appearance during the war without heavy CoC farming.


When attacking a fortress every 5 successful attacks in succession will deal 10 damage directly to the fortress. Viziers with higher titles will deal more damage to fortresses. In comparison damage done to viziers is based on their attack power similar to Ruins. Defending vizier HP is also equal to their attack damage.

30 stamina can be collected every 15 minutes from the coalition supply. You do not need to be on right on time, but instead can collect the energy at any point during the war. Players can also purchase energy with gold up to 5 times for a total of 50 stamina. Further stamina can be purchased for diamonds (200 for 20). There was also an indication (Military Meal III) that stamina may be earned from TLR or Purchase Rewards in the future.

Players can also purchase special attack bonuses, defenses, and heals from the store. The store is shown as a Flag labeled “Combat Skills” on the bottom right of the screen when viewing an enemy location. These include: Frenzy which has your vizier attack the enemy 5 times or until you are out of stamina, Vulnerary which will heal your attacking vizier 30%, Battle Trumpet which increases your attack power for 3 battles, and Black Coffee which will deflect damage for the next 5 battles.

One important thing to note is Frenzy. This skill, not only provides 5 attacks instantly (when skip is checked, or displays the animations if not checked), it also provides the energy for those 5 attacks. Therefore you are spending 300 diamonds, not on a faster animation, but also 10 energy. This is less cost effective then buying meals, but is useful for its skipped animation.

Attacking stronghold will earn you merit for each attack. Merit helps determine your ranking and rewards. Defeating an opponent and attacking the stronghold will both grant you 10 merit.

It is important to look around to see if your Coalition Leader or Commanders have marked any locations with a flag. Flags show up as purple markers to the right of a location and are used by leaders to mark locations to attack or defend.

Information Logs

There are multiple logs you can look at during the war to gain information on what has occurred during the fight. These include battle logs for a specific fortress, your own or an opponents, regional logs (not pictured) which show what buffs your leaders have used from the CoC, along with activity logs for the whole coalition and an ongoing individual and coalition merit record.

Victory or Defeat

Victory is based on your Coalition’s total merit. Strongholds are worth 10,000 merit while camps are worth 100,000 merit. All coalitions start with 8 strongholds and 1 camp for a total of 180,000 merit. It’s important to keep in mind, while taking a camp can give your coalition a significant lead, the remaining opponent can conquer 10 fortresses instead and gain equal points. Member’s merit from attacking and visiting the CoC will also contribute to your ranking. An active coalition means more then just captured camps.


During the war players will be able to claim rewards based on the number of strongholds their coalition claims. There is also a special reward for conquering a enemy camp as well which includes shards for the newest Imperial Guardian, Amira, and a unique frame.

Players will also earn individual merit rewards during the Coalition War for reaching certain benchmarks based on their own progress.

Ranking boards are based on personal merit and Coalition merit. Merit is earned through attacking and completing tasks in the CoC. Successfully defeating a vizier during a defense did not provide any merit.

All coalitions have access to a red pouch once the war is over. The pouch converts all unused resources and intelligence into diamonds to be distributed to participating members of the coalition. (If your merit was above 0 you would be able to access the pouch). Coalition leaders could also opt to donate some of their own diamonds into the bag as a reward for the coalition’s performance. Players have 24 hours to claim the red pouch.

However, this came with a lot of issues which resulted in a wave of negative player feedback, as the red pouch was heavily skewed to give most of the diamonds out to one player. It was speculated that the code was designed to give a random percent of the remaining diamonds to each person who clicked allowing the first handful of players to grab 80-95% of the diamonds. It is important to note that your coalition leader had no control over how the diamonds were distributed and were not to blame for the results.

During the second and third coalition war diamonds were still randomly distributed, but the bags were much more balanced with a range of around 300 diamonds. (IE: Most people received around 50-350 diamonds with a few receiving less or more).

Winning Coalitions also get a week of 2x rewards on coalition quests. It is extremely beneficial to your coalition to limit members to 1 vizier or companion per quest on all red quests to allow as many people to collect rewards as possible. This will allow players to participate in more quests per day. For those who always want to send 3, a good reminder is that they can potentially get the same amount of quests. Instead of getting 3 wood from 1 quest they are getting 1 wood each from 3 quests along with 3x the completed rewards. The amount of viziers or companions sent won’t change the completion rewards allowing you to gain way more items and a similar amount of donation items.

4 thoughts on “Coalition War

      1. Is there any information available regarding contact between Coalitions? Trying to locate an opponent prior to CW is a nightmare.


      2. Unfortunately there is no real easy way to track another coalition down. It may help to create a character for each zone and make a list of the coalitions similar in power to yours for quick reference. Reach out to others on the official discord as well to see if there is anyone that can tell you which zone they are in.


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