In patch 2.9 Game of Sultans released a brand new version of Dagger Slider, Dagger Legends. To learn more about the basic game functions please read the original Dagger Slider post.

One of the new features added as a part of Dagger Legends, is the ability to purchase a level 7 or level 8 dagger from a union member via the Union CoC. These daggers do not give you any points by placing them on your board, however they can be combined like normal to give you a level 8 or level 9 dagger in a single move. The question becomes then is this a worthwhile purchase or is the only benefit getting easy level 9 and 10 dagger reward achievements each day?

Energy comparison

The first thing to look at is what is the minimum number of moves it would take to get a level eight dagger? In elite mode the board spawns level 0, 1 and 2 daggers at random. In taking the absolute worse case scenario in which you get all level 0 daggers, it takes 256 daggers to make a single level 8 dagger. Using this information we can find that it requires 260 moves to make a single level 8 dagger in a perfect world where no extra moves are necessary due to bad placement. As new daggers only appear one at a time, no matter how many daggers you combine in one move you can’t reduce the amount of moves needed further.

What if you get all level 1 daggers? Well that brings us to a total of 130 moves. While all level 2 would take 65 moves, the chances of this occurring are next to impossible and are disregarded.

At 130 moves for all level 1 daggers, and with level 8 daggers costing 150 energy in the store this appears on the surface as a bad deal. However, the chances of all level 1 daggers during an elite game are rather low. Using 150 energy as our max moves we can find that there is no way to get even 50% level 0 daggers and 50% level 1 daggers and use only 150 energy. Similarly a combination of level 0, 1 and 2 daggers don’t give a realistic result. An estimated 33% appearance rate for all three types of daggers would need to occur, which does not match what is observed in game probability.

Therefore it is safe to say that the cost of purchasing a level 8 dagger is actually less then what it would cost to make a level 8 dagger yourself in terms of energy.

What about level 7 daggers? Well these daggers cost 120 energy and an all level 0 daggers in a perfect game would take 133 moves. It is well within the realm of possibility to get a combination of level 1 and 0 daggers that matches this cost even if perfect scenarios of no unnecessary moves are unlikely to occur.

Therefore it is safe to say that the cost of purchasing a level 7 dagger is not worth it.

Point gain vs loss

As we have concluded that the energy cost to buy a Level 8 dagger is worth it, let’s consider the point gains and losses from adding a level 8 dagger to your board.

We can use the math above to calculate a round in which we got all level 0s, perfectly placed, to make a single level 9 dagger using 517 energy. Using the chart below we can calculate how many points we get if we never got any shiny daggers for bonus points. This would give us a total of 9,216 points gained. Compare this to the energy spent and we find that it would be ~17.8 points per energy spent.

To compare with purchasing daggers, lets first assume you made a level 8 dagger yourself to combine with the one you purchased. Using our 260 move baseline for one level 8 dagger, you would spending a total of 411 energy to gain 5120 points for a total of ~13.74 energy per point.

In a third scenario, you buy both daggers and spend 1 energy combining them. As you got 0 points for placing them your total point gain is 1024 for a dismal 3.4 points per energy spent.

Therefore overall it is worth more points to combine level 8 daggers rather than to purchase them.

Realism notes

Of course in all of the above scenarios we are basing it off an unrealistic game where you get only level 0 daggers. In any game where you have more then 3,000 points you will also get level 1 daggers. When you pass 6,000 points you will get level 2 along with the level 1 and 0 daggers. This would cause shifts in how many daggers you need to reach a level 8 dagger. Additionally, not all daggers are placed in an optimum position. In many games I get a level 8 dagger with level 3 or 4 daggers still on the board unused because of the moves I made and where daggers appear. This causes fluctuation (both positive and negative) when compared to the numbers used as a baseline in this post.

In terms of points, the game also uses shiny daggers to give additional points when playing elite mode which was shown in the graphic above but not referenced in the actual post. Point gain can be significantly higher based on your luck in getting shiny daggers. In a survey done of a small group of players, a reported average of around 10,000 points was gained before getting their first level 9 dagger. Taking the shiny daggers into consideration would mean the estimated points per energy gained would go up for normal gameplay. Similarly the hybrid make one/buy one option would also have a slight increase in estimated points, but it would be a smaller increase as 151 energy points would remain a consistent points amount. The third scenario of buying both would have no change in points per energy.

Overall these numbers are meant to be used as a baseline for discussion and not as a 100% guaranteed in game result.


While it is more energy efficient to purchase daggers, it does come at a loss of potential score. For those competing for Teliah shards or ranking rewards, this is very much not recommended. Our absolute worse case/minimum move scenario had a loss of 4096 points just for one dagger purchased. This did not take into consideration any shiny daggers that are worth more significantly more points, nor the appearance of level 1 and 2 daggers that also have a large impact on score. While this could be a small benefit to players who struggle with daggers, the loss in points would be a huge setback in terms of competition. Instead I would strongly advise players to practice and improve their skills instead to better their score.

However, if your goal is to gain as many badge packs and almighty badges as possible during the course of the event, purchasing level 8 daggers is a highly efficient way to gain rewards. In the course of the event it is possible to get 11 purchased daggers from diamond energy and passive gains. This combines to 5 level 9 and 2 level 10 daggers.

For maximum gains it would be best to combine 3 level 9 daggers on the first day, 2 level 9 on the second day along with both level 10. To make 3 level 10 daggers, you would need 4 teas from time limited rewards. To get an additional 3 level 9 you would need 45 additional teas which is currently not available in time limited rewards and would need to be purchased.

Level 7 daggers should just be ignored and never purchased. It is neither points efficient nor reward efficient.

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