Increasing the talent level on your viziers is one of the most important tasks in Game of Sultans as your viziers are connected to almost every piece of game content. Since badges can be slow to gain, utilizing them to the maximum potential is always a major concern for players.

The Myths

When dealing with the 20% success rate of 5 star and 17% success rate of the 6 star its normal to want a way to improve that success rate. However, there is no way to change the success rate of a badge in game. Here are some common myths:

Divination gives higher success rate – This was disproved by the developers in a statement that said “There is no relation between divination and enhancement badge success rate”. You can use the in game support system to get this response yourself as well, but please don’t bother the staff unnecessarily.

Using more badges at once will increase the success rate – While not necessarily harmful for your progress it is still false. This may have originated based on some basic probability that when using only one badge there is a higher probability of getting a fail instead of a successes especially on a higher star rated skill.

The game guarantees a set success rate from a set amount of badges (amount varies depending on who you talk to) – This can be fairly easy to disprove if you have enough badges on hand, but needless to say this is also false. This may play into some basic principles of probability that were misunderstood by players.

Any other “trick” to increase your badge success rate such as swapping talents, closing and restarting the game, etc. While they may feel like they worked there is nothing being changed or “reset” when completing these actions. It just makes you feel better about your chances.


When considering where to use your badges it is important to consider not only the vizier, but the quality of the skill. All skills are rated from 1 to 6 using stars. The higher the star the lower the success rate of an individual badge. This can make it incredibly daunting to use your badges on high star skills, however the risks definitely are less then the rewards.


While the exact game programing has never been found for badges we do know that there is no guarantee that a set amount of badges will result in a set amount of successes. Using that knowledge it is safe to bet that the each time you use a badge that chance “resets” in other words the success or failure of the last try doesn’t change what happens in the next try. This type of programing is similar to what online dice toss simulator such as use.

Using this knowledge we can apply the Law of Large Numbers. To get a little mathy, when using a large number of badges, over time you can expect your success rate to approach the stated average. The more badges you use the closer it will be. However, because each badge is individual we know that it doesn’t matter if you close your game, walk away, or come back 4 rushes later to use more badges. All badges used at any point add to your average on a specific skill. Therefore we know the average amount of badges to reach the level cap on any talent.


The current level cap is 600 for all viziers. A six star skill will need 550 successful badges (badge level caps at 50 below level cap). The stated average success rate in game is 17% per badge. This means ~1 in 6 badges will work, so we will need 3,300 badges approximately to max out the six star skill. That results in a total of 3,300 talent points.

What about a 3 star skill? Well the cap would still be 550 with a 33% success rate using approximately 1,650 badges. However, the total talent points would be only 1,650. For a six star skill 1,650 talent points is the same as reaching level 275. Using the average success rate we would need 6 badges per level for a total of 1,650 badges – the same as the three star skill.

The takeaway from this is you will use around the same amount of badges on each skill to reach the same amount of talent points especially at higher levels. Additionally, the more stars the more talent points you can gain by max level. While the amount of badges discussed may seem like a lot at the start, it is possible to reach. Therefore, it is important to look for Viziers with higher stars. This will give you more room to grow and better end results as you progress in the game.

Book XP

Outside of the eventual growth a badge can give you there is another key reason why you should use badges on higher star skills. Book XP actually is more beneficial on lower star skills. Take a look at the chart below:

In this chart we see a breakdown of using 6 badges on a 2 star, 4 star, and 6 star talent. The success column shows how many badges were successful, the fail shows how many failed, points shows how many talent points are gained, and probability shows the chances of that occurring.

Say you are 12 talent points short of a Talent Rush win, but you only have 6 badges left. Where is the best place to use them? Well using this chart we can look at the chance of getting 12 of more talent points. If you were to use them on the 2 star skill, you would need all 6 badges to work which is only has a 1.56% chance of working. In comparison if we use them on a 4 star skill we only need 3 to work. This has a 13.18% chance of occurring. However, if we get 4, 5, or even all 6 to work, that will give us more talent then needed which increases our chance of getting 12 points up to 16.94% total. If we go further and use them on a 6 star talent we need only 2 to work giving us a 20.09% chance of the badges working. Again, if 3, 4, 5 or all 6 also work that can be included in our chance total. This means using our badges on a 6 star skill actually has the best chance (26.32% chance) of giving us the 12 talent points or more we need to win whereas 2 star gives us very little chance of success (1.56%).

So what does this have to do with book xp? Well from this example we see that in the short term, you have better chances of getting more from your badges on higher talent skills. Previously, we learned that in the long term, the averages to game the same amount of talent points will be the same no matter the star rating you use your badges on. Together these two facts give using badges on high star talents the advantage. Save your badges for 5 and 6 star skills and leave your Book XP to the 1 and 2 star skills first to give you the best chance of getting your talent higher during rushes and earlier in the game.

In game footage

It can be difficult to take all these numbers at face value when you feel your badges are constantly failing. Below are two videos containing actual game footage that may help showcase these ideas better.

Not included is the 7 minute recording of 1000 badges dropped on a 6* skill as that seemed excessive and pointless to sit through. Here are screencaps of the start and end totals to further add to the 6 star argument. With 1000 badges used, Yavuz went from level 27 to 267, a 240 level gain. This translates to a 24% success rate, well above the stated game average.

Hopefully these combined resources and discussion points give you peace of mind that whether you use a few badges, a couple hundred, or a couple thousand badges at a time, you are gaining the most from using badges on your 6 star talents.

3 thoughts on “Increasing Talent

  1. Hi, I have a related question that I can’t seem to find an answer to, perhaps it’s because the answer is obvious, and I’m just too dense to see it: should I max out talent before leveling to get maximum attribute growth?


    1. No need! The order of items used doesn’t effect the results. The only time you may want to max out talent first is if you are placing for talent rush then placing in empire rush.


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