Your explorers have discovered a new island filled with ancient treasures and fascinating history. Unions are fighting over the Moon Emblems on the island as a testament of the power of each union. Sacred Sites fill the island, legend telling that the God of the Moon used to hunt in these forests and rest in the clearings. The clearings have become Sacred Sites, and only the strongest and most honorable rulers can lay claim.


There are five Sacred Sites across the map ranked from 1 to 5 with the Moonfall Citadel being rank 1. The camps are in order: Moonfall Citadel, Eclipse Temple, Sultan’s Rest, The Heartwood, and Circle of Silence. These cites are held by the top 5 players with the most Emblems. Ranking refreshes every fifteen minutes. Players that hold a ranking place will provide their union with a unique buff while they retain their title. If a player loses control of a Sacred Site the buff will be removed from the player and their union.


When you are ready to begin, you can access the map by clicking the start button in the center of the screen.

To begin, you will be assigned a team of your top 5 strongest viziers based on a mix of total talent, attributes, and level, not attack power. These five viziers will fight against 5 of the opponents viziers, or the wild beasts that you can encounter. You can tap on a vizier’s icon to see a list of your other viziers where you can choose to replace them with another vizier. It can benefit you to swap out certain viziers during different weather if they are close in power.

The map has four different weather patterns that provide different buffs. Rainy days boost viziers with prestige specialities, Foggy days boost research specialties, Snowy days boost politics, and Sunny days boost military specialties. All four buffs provide a 15% damage increase. Waiting to use energy for a weather pattern that boosts most or all of your viziers can be beneficial.

From left to right: Rainy, Snowy, Foggy, Sunny

Each search will cost 2 stamina and you gain 1 stamina every 30 minutes. Stamina can also be purchased with diamonds five times a day for a total of 500 diamonds and 50 energy. Time limited quests, exclusive purchase packs, and purchase rewards also included energy for Brawl.


There are three types of opponents you will face as you play: Beasts, NPCs, and other Players.


Beasts come in four different types – Wolfs, Gorillas (called orangutans in the English version), Bears and Lions ranked from strongest to weakest. The strength of the animals appears to be dependant on the server grouping.

If your viziers are not strong enough to defeat an animal by yourself you can ask your union for help by marking it. There will be an automatic message sent to the union chat window and your opponent will show up in the event log, shown on the bottom right of the screen. Once your union helps you defeat the animal, you will be able to claim your prizes. Defeating beasts will not give you combat cards.


There are three female NPCs that you can encounter while exploring: Elvin, Hare and Aymira. Like the Beasts, you can ask your union for help if you cannot defeat her on your own. Once defeated she will join your team and help you fight in three matches before leaving again. You will need to add her to your lineup to have her help you fight by replacing one of your active viziers. This allows you to save her for a fight you aren’t sure you can win. If you have one of the three girls, you will not encounter the other two until the one you have leaves. Defeating the NPCs will not give you combat cards.

Other Players

Many of your matchups will be against other players. Before the attack begins you can rearrange your viziers to determine which of your viziers will fight which of the opponents viziers. Fights are done on a 1v1 basis with all 5 matchups happening at the same time. Once the fight is complete a popup will tell you how well your viziers did with how much HP they have remaining vs the opponent. You cannot ask your union for help to defeat another player.

Defeating only 1 or 2 viziers will result in a defeat, but you will still earn one or two of the prize items respectively and a small amount of renown, but no moon emblems. Victorious fights will also let you choose a combat card. These provide a variety of different offensive, defensive, and special effects to your team to help you fight and defend against attacks. [More detail below].

Ruler Challenge

You can also encounter current leaders as well in random matchups. When you find a current leader there is a chance to trigger Ruler Challenge. There will be a popup message offering a challenge to learn the difference “between you and a true Ruler”. Defeating a ruler in a Ruler Challenge will not make you a ruler, but it does offer higher renown, moon emblems, and better quality prizes compared to a regular matchup.


While exploring you can also find four types of chests. While they appear identical to the ones in Ruins, their prizes are slightly different. Bronze and Silver chests are instantly claimed and offer a small amount of prizes for your viziers.

Golden chests will give you badge packs, however your union members need to help out to unlock the prizes. Up to 5 members can help unlock the gold chest rewards (1 pack per member who helps). Helping others open their chests gives you a small amount of Renown. Gold chests have a limit of 2 hours to receive help. Once time runs out or 5 people help, you can claim your badge packs from the events log on the bottom right of the screen.

The locked boxes from Ruins, offer a diamond or money purchase option for players and can be skipped if you do not wish to make a purchase. (Simply open then close the window). The purchase does include a Brawl Supply (energy) for all members of your union. If a union member purchases a gold chest, the energy can be claimed from the Event Log.

Combat Cards and buffs

There are 41 different buffs available in Brawl offering a variety of different effects for your viziers. Some are exclusive to your union having a spot in the ranking board, others are earned when you launch an ambush, but majority come from combat cards.


There are five exclusive buffs based on the leaderboard. To gain this buff, you or a member of your union must place in the top 5 on the leaderboard. All members of the union will have the buff until the ranking is lost. Moonfall Citadel: Rank 1, offers a 30% attack bonus for all members of the union. Eclipse Temple: Rank 2 and Sultan’s Rest: Rank 3, offer a 20% attack bonus for all members of the union. The Heartwood: Rank 4 and Circle of Silence: Rank 5, offer a 10% attack bonus for all members of the union.

Union Pass

There are four buffs that come from the union. There are five free levels that are unlocked by your union earning a certain amount of Moon Emblems. All levels after that are unlocked by your union launching ambushes. Each of the four buffs effects are related to a vizier specialty type.

Internal Dissension effects your prestige viziers. At the beginning of the next attack any of your viziers with a prestige specialty will give their opponent a debuff, causing them to attack their allies once. Roaring Fire effects your opponents military viziers. Any opponent with a Military specialty will lose 20% HP each time they attack. If it is rainy weather, they will lose only 10% but if it is sunny they will lose 30%.

Stony Silence effects opponents with a research specialty. Any opponents with a research specialty will not be able to counter attack for 3 turns. If it is sunny this only lasts 1 turn, but if it is snowy this will last 5 turns. Sudden Death affects your politics viziers. Your viziers will auto defeat any opponent with less than 30% health in the next attack.

Top Left: Internal Dissension
Top Right: Roaring Fire

Bottom Left: Stony Silence
Bottom Right: Sudden Death

Combat Cards

Every time you defeat an enemy player you will get the chance to choose from 3 different combat cards. You can tap on a card to view its details. Most cards last for 10 rounds, although some like Secret Stealth, last for 10 minutes instead.

There are two categories of damage boost cards. The fist cards increase the damage of a vizier with the shown specialty by 50% for 10 attacks. The soldier with crossed arms, increase the damage of viziers with the shown specialty by 50% for the next 10 defenses.

There are two categories of health cards as well. The soldier cards increases the HP of the vizier of that specialty by 1.5 for the next 10 attacks while the shield card increases HP by 1.2 for the next 10 defenses.

You can also give viziers a specialty using the helmet cards. This gives all your viziers that specialty for 10 attacks. If your vizier already has that specialty, nothing will happen. All specialties can stack, meaning for example, your Magnificent 5 vizier, can become an exceptional vizier during a match.

There are twelve other buffs that provide a variety of different effects.

Double rewards (Gold Chest) offers double items from defeating players, beasts, or opening chests for 10 rounds and Double Emblems (Gold Emblem) offers 2x Moon Emblems over the next ten victories against an enemy sultan.

Emblem Boost (3 Emblems Gold) offers an instant 3 Moon Emblems, but is only available once. External Power (red holding three cards) will give you all three cards during your next 10 picks of combat cards. Since this bonus stacks it can be very easy to have this on permanently.

Blanket Search (gold running men) and Secret Stealth (purple ninja) work similarly with Blanket Search boosting the chance to find enemy Sultans by 50% whereas Secret Stealth reduces the chance of sultans finding you by 50%. Both last only ten minutes.

Low Profile (gold crouching soldier) works defensively hiding the background color of your viziers from enemy sultans during the next ten defenses. The mist (blue with 3 swords) is also defensive, reducing the damage taken during enemy counter attacks by 20%, if it is foggy this is increased to 50%.

Weather Master (purple lightning) doubles your weather bonus during the next 10 matches and Void Sky (Purple mage holding orb) will disable your opponents weather bonus during the next 10 matches.

Valuable Aid (Purple soldiers) is a bit unique. In the next attack on a sultan, if your vizier successfully defeats an enemy vizier, the damage and HP of your other 4 viziers will increase by 30% and 15% respectively giving a boost to viziers who haven’t yet finished their fights. Soul Crash (purple star) will let viziers with the exceptional specialty release soul crash on enemies, which destroys enemies immediately.

You can keep an eye on what buffs you have currently and how long they have left by clicking the buffs on the bottom left of the screen. This will open a window that shows your current buffs and the amount of uses they have left. Don’t forget buffs can stack so you can claim the same buff multiple times. If External Power (gain all three cards) is in effect, you can tap on any card to claim all three.

Ambushes and Raids

Ambush Seals and Advanced Ambushed Seals can be used to attack another union. Both normal and advanced seals can be purchased in the cash shop for $19.99 and $99.99 respectively.

Unions can be ambushed multiple times, both by the same player and other players in your union. Your union can also ambush other unions while an ambush is ongoing. An Ambush Seal allows every member of your union to attack the opposing union 2 times (attacks cost 2 stamina). Advanced Ambush Seals allow every member of your union to attack the enemy union 10 times (attacks cost 2 stamina). Your union can also set the weather bonus once with an advanced seal.

If you had any old Ambush Seals from Sultan’s Brawl (2019 version) they were automatically converted into Advanced Ambush Seals.

When an ambush is launched your union can navigate to the challenge window by clicking the ambush button on the bottom middle of the main screen. From here players can pick a tent that they wish to attack. The ambushed union will lose Moon Emblems. Item rewards, renown, and moon emblems for defeating a player remain the same as a normal matchup.

Ambushes will also unlock additional levels of the Union Pass. Normal seals will unlock 1 level while advanced seals will unlock 5 levels for your union.

Players can also choose to raid an individual player using a Raid Seal. These were obtainable in the diamond store during the event or you can purchase 4 for $5. Raids can be launched against players that you have been attacked by in random matchups or by player ID. The log window is viewable both from the home screen of the event area or in the fight matchups, in the top right corner underneath the question mark. Raids give double the renown, moon emblems, and rewards. More details and screenshots available after the next Brawl.

Prizes and Ranking BOard

Brawl has two ranking boards based on Renown for personal ranking and Moon Emblems for Union ranking. Renown is earned from defeating both players and animals, but Moon Emblems can only be earned from defeating other players.

Players will also earn Crescent Coins during fights, which appears to be equal to the amount of Renown you earn (coins are not displayed in rewards for winning a fight).

Crescent Coin Shop

Ranking Board Rewards

New servers may have Outstanding 4 shards instead of Jasmine shards if this event occurs before the server unlocks Imperial Guardians.

Last Updated: June 8th, 2021

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