The market next to Empire Square is the best place for a date! This year, the crowds are thicker then normal as everyone wants to see Balducci’s Gift Shop. The traveling merchant is selling gems in a wonderfully exciting way! People can buy tickets to enter the Gift Shop. Once inside, they can swap gifts to match 3 or more gems of the same kind to win the gems! Everyone’s talking about this unique way of buying gifts, and word has reached as far as the place!

Gem Crush

There are two different gift shops available for players. The Normal Gifts Shop requires 1 ticket to enter while the Advanced Gift Shop requires 4 tickets, however, the Advanced Shop will remain locked until you complete 5 rounds in the Normal Shop. The event starts with 5 free tickets for you. You will earn 1 ticket every 4 hours and can hold up to 5 tickets at a time.

To begin you must pick a companion. Companions are sorted from highest to lowest charm and the companion you pick will earn charm based on your end score.


Players begin the game with an 8×8 board of gems. Along the top of the board there is some important information. Score will tell you how many points you currently have while just below that will show you your ranting. Rating will determine which prizes you get at the end of the round. On the top left it will show you which gems are your companion’s choices. These gems will give you additional points when they are matched.

There are 6 different types of gems your goal is to move gems left, right, up or down, to make a line of 3 or more gems of the same type. Matched gems will be removed from the board and gems will move downwards to fill the now empty spot. If 4 gems of the same type are matched they will create a Bauble Gem (bomb). If 5 or more gems of the same type are matched they will create a Rainbow Gem (star). If a move fails to make a line of 3 or more gems the gems will be reset to their original spots.

Gems are worth 1 point each, but your companion will choose 2 or 3 gems each game that they favor. If they choose 3 gems, those gems will be worth 2 points each when cleared from the board. If they choose 2 gems, those gems will be worth 3 points when cleared. Below, Teliah has chosen the green, orange, and blue gems as her preferred gems which increases their value to 2 (1 x 200%).

Special Gems

There are two types of special gems, the Bauble Gem and Rainbow Gem. Bauble Gems look like an orange bomb. When moved they clear out all gems within a one tile radius around them (8 total gems). When two Bauble Gems are combined their explosion range is increased to 2 tiles (24 total gems). Pictured below is the radius of explosion with the inner black line indicating a single Bauble Gem explosion and the outer thicker black line indicating a combination of two Bauble Gems being combined. If a Bauble Gem explosion is in range of another Bauble Gem, (not combined with the Gem), then it will trigger the second Gem to explode causing a chain reaction. Bauble Gems will not trigger Rainbow Gems unless they are combined with them.

Rainbow Gems look a rainbow star. When moved they clear out all gems of the same color that they were paired with. When two Rainbow Gems are combined they will fully clear the game board collecting all the gems. When combined with a Bauble Gem they will also fully clear the game board.

Each board typically starts with 1 or 2 moves that will grant you a Bauble Gem or a Rainbow Gem frequently in close proximity. This allows players to clear the board once within only a few moves greatly boosting their score. Fully clearing the board in this way will grant you the most points in the fewest moves.

Game items

Players also have access to three special items: Butterfly Gem, Star Wand, and Triple Dash.

Butterfly Gems allow you to collect all gems in a horizontal line and can be helpful to move two special Gems (Bauble/Rainbow) closer together to get a full clear move. Star Wands full clear the board similar to combining two Rainbow Gems or a Rainbow/Bauble Gem. If you are playing in normal mode you will only need 1 Butterfly Gem or Star Wand to use the item. However, in Advanced mode you will need 4 of each item to be able to use them. Star Wands or Butterfly Gems will not count as a move.

Players can also purchase Triple Dash from the pack store. This item gives you 3 extra moves for your game allowing a last minute increase in score as needed. Star Wands can also be purchased from the pack store while Butterfly Gems are available in the diamond shop.


Your final score will determine your rank and rewards for the round. Here is a breakdown of total points needed to earn each ranking:

  • B: 0 – 99 pts
  • A: 100 – 299 pts
  • S: 300 – 599 pts
  • SS: 600 – 1049 pts
  • SSS: 1050+ pts

Increasing your ranking will improve the rewards you earn. Advanced mode will earn you 4 of each item (pictured below) while Normal mode earns you 1 of each item (not shown).

Players will also earn charm based on their final points with Advanced mode earning around 4x more charm then normal mode. In general advanced does not increase your prizes, charm gain or points but simply allows you to use your tickets quicker.


Earning a SSS ranking in a game will reward you with SSS vouchers. These can be used to purchase items in the event store. Items are locked behind a score rating, requiring you to gain a minimum amount of points before you can purchase items in that tier.

Players will also earn Personal and Server achievements based on their gameplay.

Ranking boards are based on a Cross-Server matchup. Newer servers may have Outstanding 4 badge shards in place of Teliah Badge Shards if the server has not yet unlocked the Guardian viziers.

Last updated: May 20th, 2021

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