The Imperial Guardians were the first Viziers introduced that not only played dual status as Companion and Vizier, but also the first Viziers with both a Companion bonus and a Harmony bonus. In March of 2021, their Harmony system was updated to a brand new Potential system while maintaining the normal Companion system.

How to get them

Imperial Guardians are a server locked vizier. For new servers, mini games that contain Guardian shards on older servers, will have Magnificent 5 or Outstanding 4 shards instead. It is unknown on what exactly triggers the shards to start appearing in events, although it has been noted that they start appearing around 2 to 4 months after the server launch.

Once the Guardian viziers are unlocked for your server you can start to collect their shards. Unlike some of the other vizier groups we have seen in the past such as the Magnificent 5, each Imperial Guardian has their own unique badge meaning they can only be unlocked by acquiring their specific badges. To unlock Teliah you must collect Teliah badges, for Jasmine, Jasmine badges, etc.

Teliah, the first vizier introduced, and is primarily available in server based mini games having shown up in Bauble Blast, Horserider and Magic Show, however her shards have also appeared in the now cross server game, Dagger Heroes and Gem Crush. Jasmine the second introduced vizier is primarily available through cross server based mini games. She has shown up in War of Hunters (Pirates), Union’s Brawl, Base Hunt, and the Festival mini games. Asya currently appears in the Treasure Trade (Sea Route) as a random chance item (either gain 8 shards as the jackpot or 1 shard as a rare reward). Amira has been exclusive to Coalition War since it’s release.

Companion System

When you have collected 20 badges (400 shards) of the same type you unlock both the Vizier and Companion Guardian at the same time. Badges can be exchanged for the Vizier/Companion duo in the Talent Recruit found on the left side of the main screen. Asya and Amira tend to only be available to claim when you can gain their shards (when Treasure trade is open and when Coalition War is fought respectively) while Teliah and Jasmine are almost always available. Due to their high base talent and high charm claiming them during Talent or Charm rush is a frequently used strategy.

To access your Guardian’s Companion Bonus page you can find her in the Harem, or click on the Companion Bonus underneath the Foster Morale and Potential tabs on her Vizier Bonus tab. All Guardians have a exceptional (all 4 stats) for the first two skills and their percent bonus skills are all sorted prestige, politics, research, military for order of unlocking. They all start with 1 intimacy and 2000 charm.

Foster Morale

In March of 2021, Game of Sultans launched a new Foster system to replace the Guardian’s default harmony system which worked similar the Outstanding 4 or Magnificent 5, with a default 30% bonus for all attributes for having the Guardian and an upgradable secondary harmony that cost 20 badges for a 10% all attribute bonus.

The Morale system has three branches connected to the vizier’s Glory stat. While the right branch have slight variances depending on which vizier you are looking at, the left and center branch is identical on all four of the Guardians.

Glory is the very first item on the Morale tree. It is unlocked automatically once you gain the vizier and has only 1 level, and as such cannot be leveled up. While the name varies slightly for each Guardian (Knight of Glory: Teliah, General of Glory: Jasmine, Champion of Glory: Asya, Warrior of Glory: Amira), the effect is identical for all. It increases all attributes by 30% which replaced the base harmony all guardians had originally. It also gives 200 potential points when the guardian is visited or met in the masquerade which is used in the Foster Potential system (details below).

The far left branch begins with Potential Inspiration and deals with the Foster Potential system. Potential Inspiration has 4 levels which unlock each of the attributes in the Foster Potential system for that Guardian. Additionally, it gives 30,000 attributes to all Guardians for each level. This bonus can be seen when viewing the detailed attribute information under Potential Bonus.

Improvement, the left side node under Potential Inspiration, increases the amount of Potential Points gained when the Guardian is visited in the harem or met in masquerade by 5. It has a max level of 30 (150 extra potential points), for a total of 30 badges. Enhancement, the right side node under Potential Inspiration, increases the potential points gained from Improvement and Glory by 2% per level. It has a max level of 25 (50% gain), for a total of 25 badges.

Breakthrough improves the attribute bonus from the Foster Potential system, increasing the gain per level by 5,000 attributes. You must reach level 5 of both Improvement and Enhancement to unlock Breakthrough. Breakthrough’s limit is not yet known, but exceeds level 20.

The middle branch is War Spirit for all Guardians. War Spirit is what replaced the old right side harmony for the Guardians. Instead of 10% for 20 badges you can now increase 1% for 2 badges. This kept the badge to percent gain the same, but allows players more freedom to level up the skill when they want. Any players who had invested badges into a Guardian’s harmony prior to the Morale system, had their points converted to War Spirit levels.

Beauty Branch: Teliah and Jasmine

The right side branch has two versions, one for Teliah/Jasmine and one for Amira/Asya. For Teliah and Jasmine the right side branch starts with Beauty.

Beauty works similar to companion skins and offers an increase in Companion XP gained each time the Guardian (Teliah or Jasmine) is visited. Beauty has a level cap of 5 (50%), for a total of 5 badges (1 per level).

Intimate Protection and Charming Protection work almost identically. For Intimate Protection, this increases the Guardian’s (Teliah or Jasmine) attributes by the amount of Intimacy they have multiplied by 50. For example Teliah has 4525 intimacy and she gains 226,250 attributes (4525 x 50). This skill has 4 levels with each level unlocking a specific attribute: Level 1 unlocks Prestige, level 2 unlocks Military, level 3 unlocks Politics, and level 4 unlocks Research. With all 4 levels unlocked Teliah in this example, would gain 905,000 attributes total (226,250 for each type). Charming Protection works the exact same way, but with Charm, with 4 levels each unlocking a specific attribute type. Intimate Protection costs 12 badges total to fully unlock, as does Charming Protection.

Protection is unlocked once Intimate Protection and Charming Protection both reach level 3. This increases the attribute bonus offered by the two skills by 10%. The level cap for this is not yet known. Each level up costs 1 badge.

Affinity Branch: Amira/Asya

While Affinity and Beauty are very different, the rest of the affinity branch is almost identical to the Beauty branch of Teliah and Jasmine except for the skill names.

Affinity allows the Guardian (Amira or Asya) to link their harem visits with up to 5 companions. For the first companion linked this costs 2 badges, with each level increasing by 1 (2nd companion costs 3, 3rd companion costs 4, etc). To replace a currently linked companion it costs 2 badges. The XP bonus is exclusive to Amira or Asya and does not benefit the linked companions.

Intimacy and Resonance work the same way as Intimate Protection and Charming Protection by increasing the attributes gained based on Intimacy and Charm multiplied by 50. They both have 4 levels each unlocking the attributes in the order of Prestige, Military, Politics, Research.

Protection again works identical to the Protection skill of Teliah/Jasmine, unlocking once Intimacy and Resonance reach level 3. It increases attribute bonus from Intimacy and Resonance by 10%.

Foster Potential

The foster Potential system allows you to increase your Guardian’s attributes. Potential points are gained when visiting a guardian in the Harem (Random visit, Diamond visit, Love Letters, Poems, and Ballads all count) or when encountering them in Masquerade. This is gained alongside the XP or Charm from a visit that companions normally gain.

Once you gain Potential Points you can convert them into attributes in the Foster Potential tab. However, to begin you must unlock the Potential skills. Potential Skills are unlocked by the Morale Potential, or the first node of the left side branch for each Guardian. The Morale skill has 4 levels each unlocking one of the attributes. Each skill costs the same amount of potential points per level to level up.

Potential attributes are also shared across Guardians. While each Guardian has to unlock and level up their own Potential skills, the attributes go to a joint pool that are shared by all the Guardians you own. For example Teliah has a level 10 prestige potential skill and Jasmine has a level 5 potential skill. Teliah would then have +300k prestige and Jasmine +150k prestige on their potential page. However, when looking at their attributes, both Teliah and Jasmine would have 450k prestige attributes from potential.

While the system can be a bit confusing at the start this may be a normal feature for future viziers. On May 1st 2021, Game of Sultans launched the Imperial Road featuring the Ottoman Sword Viziers (Elvin, Aymira, and Hare) who also use a similar Morale and Potential system. This system can be very rewarding to the player and allows them to somewhat customize their vizier growth in different ways.

It is important to note that like all other types of growth in Game of Sultans, investing in the Morale or Potential systems is not order restricted. In other words you will not lose out on attribute gains by giving Teliah charm before unlocking Charming Protection or by leveling up intimate protection before giving her rings.

Last Updated: June 3rd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Imperial Guardians

  1. Thanks for making some sense of this! Lol I was wondering which “branch” I should develop first, to get the most out of this system? Should I go down the Potential branch all the way, the War Spirit or Beauty? I think it’s great that they broke it down so that we can use badges 1 or 2 at a time but where to use them for max potential? Thank you!


    1. It will depend on how you want to build your account and what you are focusing on but most prefer to max out the beauty skill first then skip the rest of the beauty branch and work on potential. This is because Potential tends to give more attributes then Intimate/Charming protection since most players don’t have the very high levels of charm and intimacy needed to match what potential can give. War spirit vs the protection skills will really depend on where your vizier is at vs where their charm/intimacy is at and where you plan on capping her intimacy/charm items at.


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