Fight against opponents to gain experience to level up your sultan, diamonds, and other rewards. There are currently 260 campaign levels, 23 unique bosses to defeat and 8 envoys to collect along with a total 26,000 diamonds to earn from achievements.


Campaign is a series of five fights leading up to a final boss fight for each ’round’ or chapter. Defeating castles and the boss will earn you gold and Sultan XP. Castles have a chance to drop attribute books while the boss has a chance to drop a badge pack.

When you click on a castle you will see the opponents strength and total soldier count. You can use the casualties note to determine how strong the opponent is compared to you. A few means the opponent is rather easy, with some being about equal with your strength and serious meaning it would be better to increase your strength first.

By clicking attack you will be navigated to the fight scene (with no auto). At the top left of the window you will see your soldier count and military power in blue along with the opponent’s power and soldier count on the top right in red. The bottom of the screen will show how many waves of enemies you have to defeat. Your soldiers will automatically progress through the fight. You can skip the animation for each round by pushing the blue arrow at the bottom middle of the screen. The close option is available while your soldiers are marching toward the opponent, but will be unavailable once the fight animation starts.

Each castle fight will consume soldiers. If you don’t have enough soldiers to defeat the wave of enemies, your progress will be saved and you can continue where you left off when you have more soldiers. After you complete chapter 10 or reach VIP 1, you can use the attack all button to clear each castle without watching the fights.

At level 50 you can unlock the cannon. This can be used 3 times a day to damage the enemy’s troops in a single round, but requires you to manually attack the castles (is not available using attack all). The cannon can be leveled up using gold. There is 100 levels with a total cost of 105,777,082,667 gold. The cannon at max level will do 50% damage to troops.

Boss fights are a competition between your viziers and the enemy commander. Your vizier’s power is determined by the attack power formula with your total attack power from all viziers combined shown at the beginning of the fight. The enemy’s total strength is displayed at the start of the fight. During the fight each vizier can attack once per day. You can use PvE Seals to give each vizier an additional attack. If you cannot finish the fight you can wait till the next day when your viziers will be healed and ready to attack again. The boss does not heal and your progress will be saved if you close the fight.

After the boss is defeated you can go to the map view and collect rewards. Each chapter gives 1 tribute seal. After certain levels you will unlock an Envoy. Envoys have a chance to give gold, soldiers, rings, earrings and another unique item. You can also collect 100 diamonds from achievements on the main game screen for each chapter cleared.

Verified up to date for Game Version 3.5

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