The Guild of Business-Minded Persons has been in the Ottoman Empire for years, always loyal and extremely profitable. But recently, something changed…they’ve stopped reporting to you, stopped paying tax, and your spires report that they are planning some kind of nefarious scheme. Your informants have told you about a large, well-guarded dungeon outside the city with weapons, traps, and many other dangers, and they’ve seen members of the Buisness Guild entering and leaving. Is it just a coincidence? Or is it their secret base? You need to find out!


Dungeon Delve is a team based mini game where groups of up to 4 explore dungeon maps to collect prizes and defeat enemies. Before you can explore the dungeon, you must join a team. Teams are cross server enabled meaning you can join your friends from other servers. Each team will have one captain and 3 members. You can choose to invite players by clicking on the + icon, or let anyone join by check marking the No Entrance Requirement option. Team captains can only accept up to 5 people total during the event to the team. Once you have a team you can begin to explore the dungeons.

The Dungeon

Each floor is composed of several tiles that hold a mix of Enemies, Bosses and special squares. Floors increase in size as you move through the dungeon. To move around you must click a foggy tile that shares a border with an un-foggy tile. For example in the picture below Piyale can move either left, right or down, but he would not be able to jump to the far corner without first clearing the other tiles. On the top left of your screen you will see how many enemies, bosses, and special tiles there are left to explore.

Moving to a tile may uncover an item, an enemy, a special encounter, a way out, or just give a few points to your score. Each time you explore a foggy area you consume 1 energy. Moving around explored (un-foggy) tiles costs 0 energy. You gain 1 stamina every 10 minutes and can store up to 50 energy. You can purchase 5 stamina items per day from the event area for 100 diamonds each. Players can also use the Lantern item to clear a 5×5 section of the map immediately and gain 300 score.

The tiles

While exploring you may run into an enemy. There are several types of opponents, but they drop three types of chests Common, Advanced, and Luxurious with Patrols dropping common, Assassins, Leaders, Robbers and more dropping Advanced while Bosses dropping Luxurious. If you find the enemy, you will get three random items (out of five possibilities) if you defeat them. You will also automatically share a chest with your team members who will be given one random item as well.

Specialty Tiles

There are also multiple bonus tiles with special interactions. The Secret altar will give you a special buff or debuff if you choose to explore it, so proceeded at your own risk! Buffs do stack and you can have negative buffs at the same time as positive buffs. For example I had Altar Blessings and Altar Curse at the same time.

Some of the altar effects include, Altar Blessings will increase your attack by 30% in the next 3 battles. Double Rewards will give you double rewards the next time you open a Craftsman Chest, Wooden Barrel or Dungeon Treasure (once only). Altar Curse will decrease your attack by 10% for 3 battles. This list may not be fully complete.

The Underground Spring will offer you 30% HP recovery. You can choose to close the screen and not take the HP recovery if your HP is still high letting you heal up later on. Once it is uncovered any member of your team can use it, but it can only be used once by a single person. The Joystick asks you a simple question about the dungeon with a small prize if you answer right.

But be careful while you explore! Land on the wrong tile and you might just end up stuck in jail. Stuck players will only be imprisoned for 5 minutes, but you can always ask your team for help to get out right away. Explorers might also stumble upon a Craftsman Chest. These require a key to open which can be gained from purchases or you can buy one key per even in the diamond store. If you are lucky you may find a key while exploring.


Also keep an eye out for NPCs. They can offer great rewards and a chance to change up your special skill.

Ogier will offer you a choice of one of three items when you encounter him. Choose carefully though as you can only collect 10 items per event. You can choose to remove an item to replace it with another for 100 diamonds. You can always decline to pick an item by clicking the cancel button to wait for a better set of items. These items will remain in the event backpack until the event has ended and rewards can be collected. At this time you can purchase the items you gathered for $4.99.

You may also locate Sandalci’s store. The store allows you to buy special buffs to use. Each buff offers unique effects and can be recharged by defeating enemies. It is important to note that enemies defeated by your team members do not count.

There are a total of 10 different buffs you can acquire from the store. Every player starts with the skill Sneak Attack. Shown below are the skill icons with details listed from left to right.

  • Bomb: Explores all squares on the floor and deals 30% damage to all enemies.
    • Defeat 75 enemies to use again
    • Cost: $19.99
  • Stealth Tactics: Confuses all enemies on a floor, removing all blocked tile icons.
    • Defeat 3 enemies to use again
    • Cost: 200 Diamonds
  • Deft Hands: Get 1 random item from 1 enemy, cannot be used on bosses
    • Defeat 8 enemies to use again
    • Cost: 200 Diamonds
  • Sneak Attack: Deal 100% of an enemy’s HP as damage. Cannot be used on a boss.
    • Defeat 5 enemies to use again
    • Cost: 200 Diamonds
  • Sharp Eyed: Find 1 puzzle lock or exit immediately.
    • Defeat 15 enemies to use again
    • Cost: 200 Diamonds
  • Clairvoyance: Clears a 5×5 square of fog, all items will be available for pick up
    • Defeat 75 enemies to use again
    • Cost: 500 Diamonds
  • Fireworks: Can explore any row of squares on the floor and deal damage to all Enemies worth 60% of HP
    • Defeat 25 enemies to use again
    • Cost: 888 Diamonds
  • Teleport: Explore 1 square of your choice on this floor. If it doesn’t have any events you will immediately be transported there
    • Defeat 2 enemies to use again
    • Cost: 200 Diamonds
  • Toxic Gas: Deal damage to 1 of the enemies worth 10% HP and stun them for 5 rounds
    • Defeat 10 enemies to use again
    • Cost: 200 Diamonds
  • Heal All: Can recover 30% of HP for everyone
    • Defeat 25 enemies to use again
    • Cost: 500 Diamonds

To use a skill, tap on the skill icon and then tap on the area or enemy you wish to use it against. If you are using skills like Sneak Attack, you need to back out of the fight using your phone’s back button and then click the skill and then the enemy.

Unlocking the next floor

While you explore you want to keep an eye out for the entrance to the next level. The doors to the next level require you to find the two puzzle lock tiles before you can continue on to the next level. Once both locks and the exit is located your whole team will be able to move on to the next level. You can return to previous levels at any point.

Battles and HP

Your damage and HP against NPC’s is based on your Viziers’ total power. Before each fight you will be shown the enemy’s HP and yours. You can use this to help determine if you will win or be defeated. Enemy HP did seem to be consistent across the event with the Leader on floor B3 equal to the HP of the Leader on floor 14. It is unknown if further levels had enemies with higher difficulty.

If your HP does reach 0 you will not be able to move. There are multiple ways to heal in the dungeon. As mentioned above, the Underground Spring can be found across various floors and will give you 30% of your HP back. You can also gain herbs that will replenish 10% or 30% of your HP. These are often found in chests that your team members share. They are also available for purchase in the diamond shop or in purchase packs. To use a healing herb, click on the backpack icon on the bottom right of your screen. Alternatively you can wait for reset to have your HP recovered back to 100%. HP does not recover over time.

If anyone on your team has the Heal All skill, this can also be used to recover your HP. Any enemy that defeats you will be left standing with their remaining HP waiting for someone else to challenge them.

team Buffs

Players can choose to purchase the Epic Pass which includes several items for the player along with a team buff. You will acquire a Speed Up x2 and a Team Morale buff. This improves your team’s HP and Attack by 15%. This can be stacked up to 60% if each person buys the Epic Pass.

Rewards and Ranking

As a true testament to a dungeon, Dungeon Delve is filled with a bounty of rewards. Every player will earn progression rewards based on the score their earn. On the 5th level of progression rewards you will unlock a Secret Vault. This is a mini floor for you alone that costs 0 stamina and is filled with extra rewards. Additionally you will earn floor rewards for arriving at a new floor. Players will also earn ranking rewards for their personal score and teams will earn team rewards based on how many floors they unlocked.

Progression Rewards

Arrival Rewards

Ranking Rewards

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