Masquerade allows the Sultan to meet with current and potential companions along with various characters within the city.

How to masquerade

Masquerade is automatically unlocked once you reach Young Sultan II. When you access the area you will see a map with 11 different locations with each companion related to one of these locations.

Depending on if you are playing as a Sultan or a Sultana, your first masquerade will vary: For those playing the Female storyline the first companion you will meet will match the vizier you choose to during the storyline who will immediately offer to marry you. For those playing the Male storyline you won’t gain any companions on your first visit, as instead you automatically acquire either Daphne or Fiona based on your choice during the opening storyline (You can use the free gender swap option in the harem to swap to Mirza or Fiza instead if you prefer the male version).

Once the first masquerade is complete the system will work the same way for both male and female characters. By clicking the masquerade button you will be moved to a random location and will be greeted by either an NPC (story character), a companion, or an empty screen.

If you meet an NPC they will give you a small amount of gold, grain, or soldiers for your time. If you meet a companion you will have a chance to exchange a few lines of dialogue with them. This is fully scripted and is just a tap through read.

The first time you meet a companion you will be asked which version you prefer to interact with, male or female. This choice is purely cosmetic and you can change your decision later if you have a Coma .

Each time you meet a companion you have a chance that your Sultan(a) will automatically ask him or her to join your harem. The amount of times you must meet a companion before asking them to join your harem is random. There is no way to decline having someone join your harem. Once you have acquired a companion, you will increase your intimacy with them when encountering them while masquerading in the future. 

​Each time you masquerade you will use one energy. You will gain one energy every 30 minutes and can store up to 3 energy at a time. You can increase the amount of energy you can store by one with each level of VIP you unlock. Energy can also be restored by using a Energy Orb item earned from quests, events and mini games.

Fortune increases your chance of meeting a companion. Every visit consumes 2 fortune. You can gain 1 fortune every 15 minutes until you have 100 fortune. You can store an unlimited amount of fortune, but will not continue to gain free energy past 100. Fortune can be increased by collecting the daily quests chests for a total of 50 fortune per day. Alternatively you can use an Amulet to increase your fortune by 10. VIP players can collect a set amount of fortune each day. If your fortune falls below 70 you have a chance to get a message saying you found no one at the location, you may still however encounter companions though it is more rare. If your fortune falls below 50 you will no longer find any companions at all.

Each location offers a unique sets of characters, however some companions you may not encounter until you acquire them such as the VIP companions or the companions from Romance of Sultans.

Grand Bazar

  • Dilara | Bulut
  • Cecilia | Damaso
  • Heather | Korey
  • Mirela | Sarun


  • Alessa | Dennis
  • Rose | Yamahn
  • Raven | William
  • Elena | Van Mour
  • Sophia | Pedro
  • Kosa | Heberer
  • Bella | Michael
  • Lina | Mansu
  • Affie | Karl

Theology School

  • Osilda | Eris
  • Felicia | Dora
  • Daphne | Mizra
  • Elva | Pamir


  • Silken | Balaman
  • Alice | Pietro
  • Ava | Aron


  • Confeza | Belur
  • Hamila | Hayali
  • Jasmine


  • Rana | Videl
  • Asya
  • Aymira
  • Hare
  • Elvin


  • Iris | Tuvana
  • Teri | Arber
  • Fiona | Fiza
  • Teliah


  • Samina | Ayden
  • Hope | Athan
  • Demure | Augur

Lake Tower

  • Ceren | Jamal
  • Delorah | Seyit

Market Kiosk

  • Indirah | Orlan
  • Clara | Ellis
  • Maida | Erdan

High Tower

  • Lydia | Shahruk
  • Amber | Erfan
  • Amira

Verified up to date for Game Version 3.4

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