Hello All,
It feels a bit odd to be writing this as I’ve never needed to make such a public announcement about my intent to stop playing a game. However, I know this will effect others to an extent so I do want to make a statement.

As of October 2021, I stopped playing Game of Sultans as an active player.

This does not mean I am walking away. I have loved the time I have spent with GOS and the things that I have been able to create because of this game. The spreadsheets and blog are still very important to me and at this time I don’t intend to abandon them. However, I am taking a big step back from the game and that is changing how I approach things. My main goals moving forward are in three main phases.

1. Update and Refresh: I will be updating old content and verifying that my current content is up to date for the current patch. All content will get a tag at the end of the posts saying “Verified up to date for Version #.#” to show that they are still accurate for the current patch. For a lot of content, there is no need to update since the game hasn’t changed any of the information since they released it, so there won’t be any major changes.

2. Add Missing Posts: There are mini games and newer game content like the friends system, along with some older content that I do want to still have posts about.

3. Patch Updates: Once 1 and 2 are done I will update only when the game updates. This will be confirming content is still accurate and possibly adding a new post depending on released content for that patch.

One important thing to note is the strategy section will be changing. Strategy is one of the things that is ever evolving in game and having quality informative posts about maximizing game strategy requires time spent in game and with the community discussing ideas and sharing information. Some posts will move more towards general strategies like identifying good viziers based on how many stars they have, harmony vs companions, etc that have had less evolution over the game’s life, but others will need to retire forever.

Additionally there are some things that are moving to my permeant will not cover list. This mostly includes limited time things like holiday events. If it is not going to appear multiple times a month/year I will not be covering it.

Another thing to note is you may see announcements for patch updates (2.9 – 3.4). This was by a player request that I continue releasing them here. I stopped after GOS switched to image file posts as it was more effort then I wanted to invest on what I thought was just info tracking for myself. Sorry for the notifications you will receive about those if you are subscribed.

How long will this take? I’m not sure. I’m retired! I do have tentative goals for myself, but for now that needs to be something that I can approach on a day to day basis. I will say, I don’t want to have to continue to work on phase 1 or 2 past the New Year, but we will see what happens.

Happy Gaming to Everyone,


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